Cat Salmon Oli 250 ml

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Cat Fish Oil is made of 100% Salmon and is rich in essential Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and D!
Feed for cats.

Cat Fish Oil contains original pure Salmon Oil and is rich in essential Omega 3 fatty acids.
Cat Fish Oil for a healthy skin, gives a beautiful shiny coat and strengthens the immune system.
Cat Fish Oil easy to dose and excellent to keep cats in top condition.

Why provide Cat Fish Oil?
• For overall health
• To keep maintenance of brain function
• Favorable influence on the immune system
• Support of heart and blood vessels
• Takes care of the skin and gives a shiny coat
• Contains vitamins A and D to support vision and flexible muscles.

Healty 100% Pure Salmon Oil multifunctional for a healthy cat in top condition.

Cat Fish Oil contains:
• 32% Omega 3 fatty acids (18% EPA en 14% DHA)
• 15,5% Omega 6 fatty acids
• Vitamins A and D

Feed instruction
Cats 10 kg: 10 ml per day.

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