Drikkeflaske Gnagere

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Drinking bottle for rodents
This cheerfully coloured drinking bottle is not only funny, it is also made of durable plastic. Very suitable for various kinds of rodents such as rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice. Easy to fill, to hang and to clean.

* Manufactured in the UK since 1975
* The original and still universally recognised as being the best, brand leading small animal drinking bottle
* The range is currently exported to over 40 countries worldwide
* Reliable, durable and drip free, CLASSIC drinking bottles remain the perfect choice for small animals

Fill the bottle and replace the cap.
Squeeze the bottle, water drips until a vacuum develops.
Fix the bottle to the cage with the wire included.

Size and content
DRINC0601: S – 150 ml (hamster, gerbil, mouse etc.)
DRINC0602: M – 320 ml (rabbit, guinea pig etc.)
DRINC0603: L – 600 ml (rabbit, guinea pig etc.)
DRINC0604: Giant – 1100 ml (larger breed rabbits etc.)

Colour comes assorted.

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